Give. Share. Eat. with Gethsemane

Give. Share. Eat.

The next meal packing event is coming up September 28-29

Project Overview

It's pretty simple, really. There are a lot of hungry people in the world. And many more live in King County than we might expect. Together we can relieve a lot of hunger when we give of our finances and share of our time and energies, so that people may eat nutritious, easy-to-prep food. Gethsemane and the Hope Center are collaborating to host epic meal packaging events that bring together area businesses, organizations, and individuals to make a difference in our communities.

At the end of our upcoming event (September 28-29), we will have packaged 276,000+ meals in one year. A huge amount! Still, that's only one meal for each food insecure person in King County. We are working to raise $25,000 to pay for supplies and equipment. See below for ways you can help.

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Give Money

25 cents feeds a kid, $1 a family of 4. Money raised turns into people fed!

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Share Time and Energy

The Outreach Program will assist us by facilitating a food packaging event where volunteers come to serve in an assembly line fashion packing simple, nutritious meals.

There are shifts on Friday and Saturday. Each shift runs 2-5 assembly lines with about 12 people on each line. Shifts include about 30 minutes to be oriented to packaging tasks and to learn about hunger and how we can make a difference beyond this event.

  • Fri 12:30pm-3pm, 2 lines
  • Fri 2pm-4:30pm, 3 lines
  • Sat 9am-11:30am, 4 lines
  • Sat 11am-1:30pm, 4 lines
  • Sat 1pm-3:30pm, 4 lines

There are 4 lines strictly for families with young children. Choose these lines if your children need a 1-hour experience rather than a 2-hour experience. If your child can volunteer for 2 hours, sign them up for a regular line. Please use this sign-up link for the shorter shifts that incorporate young children!

Please sign-up each individual who will be coming (parents may use their own contact info, but please give at least a first name for each volunteer).

  • Fri 4:30pm-6pm, 2 lines (kids+)
  • Sat 10am-11:30am, 1 line (kids+)
  • Sat 11:30am-1pm, 1 line (kids+)

Sign up here for “regular” shifts (orientation + 2 hours work; participants are adults and older children).
Sign up here for “kids+” shifts (orientation + 1 hour of work; participants are younger children with parents/other relatives and friends).
If your workplace or school offers volunteer release hours, please take advantage of that by organizing a Friday team! Friday times can be adjusted to fit your team's schedule.

If you'd like to adopt an entire line, please contact Pastor Kari Lipke to let her know you are doing so. We ask that anyone who adopts an entire line commit to fundraising the $1350.00 it costs to run that line if possible. There is flexibility on FRIDAY if you need/want to run your team at a different time than those scheduled.


This is the plan: 76,400 nutritious meals packed in two days, then distributed through area food banks, churches, housing programs, school and college campus outreach programs, etc. We are building a network of people to show up and do something to address food insecurity. And we do it so people may eat! The number was chosen to get us beyond 276,000 meals in one year -- that represents one meal for every person in King County who is food insecure. (Although the meals will be shared with neighboring counties, too!)

You can help raise funds in these ways:

  • Do you have an employer match program? Do your friends? Some employers match your contributions up to a certain $ amount; some pay the nonprofit for each hour of time you donate. Hope Center, a nonsectarian nonprofit, is already registered with Benevity (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Astra Zeneca), YourCause (Tableau, etc.), Nordstrom, and DoubletheDonation (Boeing, etc.).
  • Direct giving through the Hope Center can be shared online anytime through The Seattle Foundation; in the comments section note: “GIVE.SHARE.EAT.”
  • Checks can be made payable to Hope Center and sent to ATTN: Joanne Engquist, 911 Stewart Street, Seattle, WA 98101.
  • You also may give directly through Gethsemane Lutheran Church's online giving: (please choose Give.Share.Eat.).

Additional Details

This event is happening at Gethsemane, in the Community Room. Parking: On Saturday only, we will have free parking in any unreserved space in the Aspira Public garage (enter from the alley between Stewart and Howell).

Give. Share. Eat.
2017 Recap

In 2017, people from around the region gathered for our first two Give. Share. Eat. events. Over those four days, we packaged over 128,000 meals! Here's where all that food went...

Leschi Elementary School, Seattle (3,888)
Lopez Island Family Resource Center (1,080)
Lynden Backpack Buddies (4,320)
Volunteers of America, Everett (2,160)
Midnight Cry Church, Snohomish (6,480)
Snohomish Community Kitchen, Snohomish (864)
SPOT at Christ the King Comm. Church, Snohomish (432)

Tiny Houses, Seattle (2,160)
Peace Lutheran Fellowship, Port Ludlow (1,296)
West Seattle Food Bank, W Seattle (4,752)
Riverton Park UMC/Tukwila Food Pantry (648)
Compass on Dexter, Seattle (648)
El Centro de la Raza, Seattle (5,400)
Immanuel Community Services, Seattle (5,184)

Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Seattle (2,900+)
Rainier Valley Food Bank, Seattle (1,296)
Mary's Place, Seattle (11,232)
Mukilteo School District Packs for Kids (5,832)
Six City-Sanctioned Encampments (15,120)
Solid Ground - Sandpoint, Seattle (1,296)
Northwest Harvest - for distribution (51,000)

Give. Share. Eat. Seattle meal packing
Give. Share. Eat. Seattle meal packing
Give. Share. Eat. Seattle meal packing
Give. Share. Eat. Seattle meal packing
Give. Share. Eat. Seattle meal packing
Give. Share. Eat. Seattle meal packing
Give. Share. Eat. Seattle meal packing
Give. Share. Eat. Seattle meal packing
Give. Share. Eat. Seattle meal packing